2000 Miriam

The 2000 Miriam has an inky purple color with a saturated hue. Mouth coating tannins, rich in concentration, with a very long finish. A fantastic expression of French oak combined with core aromas of blackberries, blueberries, and black cherries, like a fresh baked chocolate berry pie. Followed with hints of sweet baking spices, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. All of these characteristics wrapped together to bring our customers a Bordeaux style wine from the Napa Valley.
310 cases produced.

     These grapes were grown at an elevation between 1500 and 1600 feet on a hillside called Soda Canyon in the South Eastern hills of Napa Valley. The soil type is an alluvial cobblestone, composed mostly of small rounded rocks and pebbles, covered with dirt topsoil. These vines are 13 years old, and are mostly dry farmed. This means water is added only when the vines are stressed to the point of compromising the quality of the future grape crop. Set on a 20-degree slope, typically harvested during the end of October and early November months. This late harvest allows a long hang time to ensure proper maturity, ripeness, and ultimately to achieve more development of fruit characteristics.

     Once the fruit is received at the winery, the fruit is de-stemmed, and whole berry fermented, this maintains the integrity of the fruit, ideally to ensure long primary fermentation for maximum extraction of fruit flavors and tannins. The fermentation process takes 9 to 10 days, at a temperature of 89-90-degrees Fahrenheit. After the juice reaches a dry measurement, meaning no more sugar, the free run juice is separated and the solids are pressed to extract more juice. Solids consist of seeds and skins. The wine is then placed into brand new French oak barrels where it ages for 30 to 32 months. During this time the wine goes thru secondary fermentation and is racked 3 times each year. When the wine is racked it is homogenized in a tank and the wine barrels are sterilized and then refilled with the homogenized wine acting as a delicate filtration process while discarding the barrel lees.

     When the wine has reached its maximum barrel age, this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is bottled at the winery and stored to achieve proper bottle age before introduction to the public. Typically the whole process from vine to wine to bottle to your table takes 42 months.

     These farming techniques combined with our palate-crafted wine making philosophy create this beautiful wine for the public to enjoy during special occasions.