The picture, about 1912, shows the first Perelli-Minetti California Winery. It was located in Healdsburg, California. The man in the white shirt is Antonio, Mario's father, with him is Mario and William, a younger brother.

Antonio was a graduate of the Royal Institute of Viticulture and Enology in Conigleano, Italy. His father Guisippi, had a winery in Italy and wrote books on wine. For more on Antonio Perelli-Minetti click here.

Antonio had wineries in Ukiah and Delano, Mario worked in the vineyards at these wineries (concentrate only during Prohibition), and graduated Stanford Law School. After two years working in the US Senate and practicing law in Los Angelos for ten years, he returned to the wine business, because as he said, "Grapes and Wine are in my blood."

From 1946-1977 Mario was employed by Fruit Industries, later known as California Wine Association, as a marketing agent of a number of wineries. He was General Manager from December 1950 until he retired.

Wine is still in his blood. In 1979 he started the MPM Vineyards and Wines.

In November of 2000, his grandson Andrew came to work for him, focusing on new markets. For more on Andrew click here.

Total case production, 4000 cases.